Community Park

The East Hanover Township Community Park provides 60 beautifully maintained acres of park land. The park is currently comprised of playground equipment, trails, strength-training stations, athletic fields, pavilions and open space. Maintained by EHT Park Maintenance Staff, it is the hub for EHT Park & Recreation outdoor activities and events. It is also home to the original Gingrich One-Room Schoolhouse. This park is open to the public daily from dusk until dawn. Leashed dogs accompanied by their owners are welcome except on sport courts and athletic fields. Pavilions are available for public use and can be rented for private events, see below for more information.

Park amenities:

Gaga Pit


Volleyball Court

Basketball Court

Roller Hockey Court

Tennis / Pickleball Courts

Walking Trails

Gingrich One-Room Schoolhouse

Soccer Fields

Baseball Field

1 pavilion

Portable Bathroom (year-round)

Indoor Bathrooms (seasonal)

18-Hole Disc Golf Course

Large Pavilion (seats 72)

East Hanover Township Community Park has two pavilions available for public use and private rentals.

The Large Pavilion is located directly across from the entrance to the parking lot. It has nine metal picnic tables, one charcoal grill and electrical service (EHT Community Park closes at dusk). Restrooms are located within the pavilion and are open seasonally.

Rental fees for the Large Pavilion:

-Residents - $25.00 (four hour reservation period) + $10.00 each additional hour

-Non-Residents - $50.00 (four hour reservation period) + $20.00 each additional hour

All rentals also require a security deposit. Rental fees are refundable only in the event of inclement weather. Please call the office at 717-469-0833 for reservations and additional information.

Click here for Large Pavilion ​Rental Contract

Multi-Use Trail Etiquette Guidelines

Park Rules (Section 2. Ordinance 2017-03)


All Parks in the Township which are owned by the Township shall be subject to rules and regulations of the Township as follows:

1. All Parks are closed from dusk to dawn, unless otherwise designated by Township.

2. Township’s Parks and Recreation Board and/or any other Township authorized organization sponsored activities and programs have first use of all Parks.

3. In the event of hazardous conditions endangering life or property, any Township park or facility may be closed at the discretion of the Board of Supervisors or Township Manager.

4. No open fires or hot coals shall be permitted without written permission and agreement to the terms from the Board of Supervisors.

5. No hunting or discharging of any guns, rifles, air guns, bows, slingshots, or any similar items.

6. Horseback riding is prohibited in the Parks.

7. Golfing or golf practice is prohibited, disc golf is permitted within the designated areas.

8. Trash, litter, and garbage must be placed in containers provided for this purpose, and shall be limited to materials accumulated during the use of the facility.

9. Disorderly conduct, the use of profane language, or the consumption or possession of alcoholic beverages or drugs is prohibited.

10. No person, other than Township employees acting in their official capacity or volunteers acting under the direction of Township staff, shall cut, remove, or destroy any tree, sapling, seedling, bush, or shrub, whether alive or dead, or chop, blaze, box, girdle, trim, or otherwise deface or injure any tree or shrub, or break or remove any branch,
foliage, tree, or shrub, or pick, gather, uproot, remove, or destroy any flower, fruit, plant, or grass. A person
is permitted to gather edible fruits, nuts, berries, and fungi, in reasonable amounts, for one’s own personal or family consumption.

11. No person in the Parks shall pursue, catch, attempt to catch, strike, molest, wound, or kill any animals or disturb
any nest, lair, den, burrow, or the like of any animal or permit dogs, or other pets to pursue, catch, wound, or kill any animal or to disturb the nests, dens, homes, or place of refuge of any other animal.

12. No person in the Parks shall destroy, deface, alter, change, or remove any monument, stone marker, benchmark, stake, post or blazed trail marking, or any boundary line or survey line; cut, break, mark upon, or otherwise damage any building equipment, bridge, drain, wall foundation, lamppost, fence, gate, hedge, or other structure or installation;
or deface, destroy, or remove any placard, notice, or sign, whether permanent or temporary, posted or exhibited within or on any Parks.

13. The use of unauthorized motorized vehicles is prohibited in the Parks.

14. Pets are permitted, provided they are on a visible leash not more than six feet long, attended to at all times, kept off
athletic fields and sport courts, and the owner shall clean up all waste from their pets.

15. Smoking and related tobacco products are prohibited within the Parks.

16. Skateboarding, rollerblading, roller hockey, and similar activities are prohibited on tennis or basketball courts.

17. Bicycles are permitted on trails, provided that the riders yield to those walking. No bicycles are permitted on the athletic field, courts, playgrounds, unmowed areas, or waterways.

18. No metal-detecting permitted within the Parks.

19. No person may volunteer at the Township without the provision of all necessary documentation regarding required
clearances and waivers. Volunteers must schedule all volunteer services through the Township’s Park and Recreation
Director and/or through his or her designee and shall not perform any volunteer services without the direction of the Township’s Parks and Recreation Director and/or through his or her designee. The Township shall maintain a list and file of all current volunteers.